Big toe connects to spirit and unity; defines ego and self-righteousness

Toe 1The big toe is related to ether. Ether, the quintessence, the fifth element, is beyond the physical world. It is intangible, unseen, untouchable, and invades all space and time.

Ether expressed in the big toe permeates and connects to all that is. It moves through the four classical elements to Source. It brings you to a knowing that is beyond time and space, logic and understanding. Ether is spirit, the essence of being.

Therefore pain and discomfort associated with the big toe could be related to:
Ego and egotistical pursuits
Connecting/disconnecting to Spirit/God
Above the law
Answerable to no one
All-knowing, knowing all
Refuting or opening to possibility

Blisters are caused by pressure from an outside source. So, if there is a blister on this toe, it could mean that there is pressure from an outside source in relation one or some of the issues listed above.

Callouses and thickened skin are often found on the plantar/medial base of the big toe and could indicate avoiding or a protective approach to speaking about any of the issues listed above.

Ingrown toenails are a common problem with the big toe. Nails are an indicator of the liver, so there could be anger and resentment issues that are turned inwards to self, or left unaddressed.

Bone problems with the big toe, could be drawing attention to something that needs to be restructured in relation to your spiritual life, unity with others and your ego. It’s always interesting to take notice of what is happening in your life when something like a fracture happens, as something has broken down and needs to be restructured.

If the great toe is curling towards the sky, a person is said to be spiritually orientated.


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