Free reflexology foot charts

Do you find two feet with every reflex squashed onto them a bit hard to decipher? Then, download my free app with 11 reflexology foot charts. I have designed a chart for each of the body systems to make finding the reflexes easier. (Omitting the integumentary system of course).

Carry them with you on your phone or device. Use them to show your clients or friends. You will find them on the Photo page of the app. Download now from Google Play, the App Store of Amazon. You will also find them on Facebook.

Find out more about an holistic approach to reflexology, sore feet, pain and life in general
Holistic Reflexology, the eight principles, Glenda Hodge 2010 and republished in 2014
Wisdom in Retrospect, Emma Gilbert, 2014
Available from the publisher FeedARead or most leading online bookstores.

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