Some hidden heel problems




To discover the secrets of the heel, we need to look at what life issues are related to the area, some of the common heel conditions and then combine the two to find a new meaning for painful heels.



Issues related to the area:
Your relationship to the group
Your place in relation to the family, tribe, society, tradition or culture
Family dynamics (parents and siblings)
Your emotional security
Your ability to integrate into the community or group
A sense of not belonging or not feeling part of something
Religious beliefs and cultural traditions
Rules of the group that must be obeyed
Family beliefs that you have inherited
Basic survival instincts
Behavioural patterns and habits
Reactions rather than a choice centred response

Physical reflexes of the area:
Lower spine, pelvic area, sigmoid colon

Common heel conditions:
Cracks, callouses and thicken skin
Pain and burning
Plantar warts
Plantar fasciitis

Combining the heel condition with issues related to the area
Spurs are associated with bone and bone is related to structure, restructure or infrastructure.  Bones strengthen, shore up and give support

Spurs on the heel could be related to restructuring or strengthening your position within the group, family, tribe, society, tradition or culture; having to make a stand or stand up for something.

Cracks split the heel.  So cracks could be seen as splitting, separating or moving away from group, family, tribe, society, tradition or culture

Callouses are harden skin to protect the area so this could be an indication of protection against the group…… etc.

Blisters are caused by pressure from an outside source.  So blisters on the heel could be that you are being pressured in relation to the group….. etc.

Plantar warts are different to other warts and are sensitive to pressure.  So a plantar wart in this area could be sensitivity to the group…..etc.

When muscles and fascia are involved, it could be that a person is being pulled in two directions and having divided loyalties between the rules of the group and their personal rules and boundaries.

 Holistic Reflexology, the eight principles, available from online book sellers. Also available form the author in Australia only.

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